How We Operate

KGW Management is a company of believers. We believe happy employees make happy customers. Every hotel we manage or own and operate has this common thread running through it. We work with hotel managers to establish long and short term goals for their hotels. We do this by helping develop strategies and action plans to enrich the value of each property we manage.

KGW features a fully-integrated support structure, covering all areas of the hospitality industry. These services include such areas as development, construction, renovation, sales, marketing, accounting, human resources, and property operations. Our staff will continually interact with property level managers to implement our proven organized approach.

KGW uses tried and true strategies we call our “100% Guest Satisfaction Program”, focusing on revenue, profit loss control, customer satisfaction surveys, and employee surveys. It is our ongoing goal to deliver both high quality standards of service and customer satisfaction. By implementing our “100% Guest Satisfaction Program”, we are able to minimize employee turnover and maximize employee retention. This benefits the partners, investors and owners through lower turnover and training costs.